How NGINA KENYATTA Become ‘Pregnant’

There has been a rumour going around that the president’s daughter Ngina Kenyatta is expectant with a baby together with a GSU officer attached to statehouse. The allegations goes ahead to sensational mention one Onyango a top force commandant as being the one responsible for the pregnancy. According to a close friend to Ngina the allegations are false.

Talking to Nairobi Exposed,the friend says,”the rumour doing rounds is totally false just like the story with Ngina and June(Ruto’s daughter) in fact when she heard of the pregnancy rumours we sat down and laughed over it. People just come up with crazy rumours and you people(bloggers) without verification fuel it around,Ngina is not pregnant and that’s it,take it from me.”

The old photo used as the basis.

Allegedly the pregnancy rumours were ignited on line by this photo which apparently was taken more than an year back and the photo angle seem to make her look pregnant going by the bulge. ‘people should not buy that cheap crap of a photo taken years back” shoots the personal friend to Ngina.

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VERA SISDIKA Admits PREZZO Gets Her Feeling Some Kind Of Way,Here’s What She Did To Him

Presidential selfie,Vee and president

Things might be bigger than her behind from the looks of things,there could possibly be more than meets the lenses. After making a début on P-Unit’s You Guy video,Vee who is the classiest vixen in the region made her second appearance on a local video by featuring on Prezzo’s new hit video my gal. Many have alleged that the two might be having something going on and if anything from Vee’s social media movements has anything to go by then we are looking at a “bigger” couple here. Photos from the shoot

Watching that fame from behind

ever seen snakes on a plane? see it

Prezzo showing Vee the presidential lifestyle

you can watch the trending and hot video to My Gal by Prezzo feat Vera here

dO YOU think they can make a good couple

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PHOTOS:Stunting PROPHET OWUOR Brings Down To A Standstill CBD With His Expensive Cars And Heavy Security

Preacher Dr David Owuor caused a stir at the city centre on Monday as he shopped for suits at a high-end shop along Kimathi street.

Dr Owuor’s convoy, composed of three fuel guzzlers, stopped at the entrance of Unique Ted Baker in the early afternoon, drawing a crowd of curious onlookers.

The preacher then made his way to the boutique as his guard cordoned off the entrance.

Shop attendants refrained from disclosing to journalists the items the preacher bought, only saying that “he is a frequent customer.”

Devotees threw themselves at Dr Owuor’s feet as he exited the boutique, asking him to pray for them.

The preacher obliged and held a short prayer session as devotees knelt on the tarmac of Kimathi street.

2014 20M Range Rover Vogue and an 8M VX chase car

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I Was Not BRAINWASHED The Man Is Just Big And Good At It ARUNGA Opens Up On TIMBERLAKE With NAUGHTY Details

Arunga and Quincy

By then Esther Arunga a lawyer by profession and a TV presenter by fate,her career was on top peak and voted as the hotest in the screens,her charm struck many and one was Quincy Timberlake who moved in swiftly to put a ring on it.

On what was to become a speculation galore,Esther left her TV job and ran away from her family home moving in with Quincy. Her behavior changed drastically and the innocent charming presenter turned into a biting ghosts. Many alleged that she was brainwashed with Quincy and Hellon who supposedly had devil worshiping links and were running a church finger of god as a pretense,she was a bloody sacrifice for their gates to wealth.

Arunga’s parents threatened to take the duo of Hellon and Timberlake to court for causing psychological damage to their daughter and obtain a restriction order barring the two from being in touch with their daughter.

However in a surprising move,Arunga filed a suit against her parents suing them for damages and going for a hefty compensation. This move went to tighten the belief that the daughter was brainwashed and under a spell.

As if that’s not enough,Timberlake broke ranks with Hellon whom they had formed a political party,The Placenta party where both were going for top country’s leadership. Quincy and Esther both moved to Australia where they established a family,they have tow babies so far. This they say was meant to keep the away from their “enemies” Arunga broke ranks with her family and has deserted nearly completely,in a recent interview on TV she defied any possibility of reconciling and ever coming back home.

In a naughty twist,the saga lady has confessed one of lady factor that is amongst many that kept her hooked to the man that many see as the “devil” in a secret online group that Arunga admins “women deliberated” the former TV presenter opens up  saying,”every woman’s dream is to find a man satisfying to both her spiritual and bodily needs,my husband had both,many people said he brainwashed me but I’m more certain that was false and if its anything that he drove me crazy with then its his skills and size down there,he is the ultimate hulk that no one can leave i was not going to let that slide whichever cost,he made me feel as a woman in all aspects something that those i had dated couldn’t. Men need to incorporate the fact that a woman has many needs and lucky is the man who knows which buttons to press”

Whoever told you size doesn’t matter would have probably lied according to Arunga. Pun intended,if it is this that made her lose her mind then dammit that is one hell of a ride.

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EXCLUSIVE: Moha JICHO PEVU On His Way Out Of KTN,Details Of Decisive StateHouse Meeting REVEALED

Mohammed Ali

After a series of promo and building the anticipation into an expose which insiders say was going to expose dirty business that transpired at the ballot in the last highly contested presidential election which ended up in the supreme court following petition by the CORD leader Raila Odinga who felt short changed in the declaration by IEBC naming Uhuru Kenyatta as the winning presidential candidate.

You must have by now noticed the ads and promos into the anticipated Jicho Pevu documentary has since been seized. Investigative journalist John Allan Namu and Mohammed Ali in their line of duty had spent several months behind scenes investigating and coming up with a hitting documentary which in its nature is said to be poking at the reigning government.

On the first days when the promo of the programme was run,insiders tells NE that the top officials at the Mombasa Road based media house were urgently summoned by powerful state functions in what has now come out as a suppressing meeting to stop airing of the documentary. A key source based deep in the news-desk of KTN talking on anonymity grounds informs NE that there’s a silent rabble boiling to go off anytime soon,”these guys have spent endless times trying to come up with a hitiing piece and the meeting from the house in the hill seem to have brought in a misunderstanding. The boss(Sholei) seem to have had a change of mind after that meeting and he summoned Moha and John with clear instructions to edit out the documentary not to rub shoulders with the big dogs”

When summoned the powerful state functions warned that airing the documentary would bring a stand off hence threat to the national security,basing the arguments on the new oppressive media bill,Shollei has been held by the balls risking to lose millions in fines both to the journalist s and the media house,positions that insiders unveils to Nairobi Exposed.

But according the insiders,a defiant Moha who also doubles as the chief investigative reporting editor,he refused to make any alteration to the work they had both invested time and money on,”he was so much against it,these guys spent endless days and nights stitching this thing up and mkubwa(Shollei) was full aware then out from the blues he wanted to bow to the heat from above but Moha wont take any of that”

Moha had left NTV owing to forces and inturruption into his work that would see his pieces censored and tampered with before airing supressing his idependence and freedom which seemingly is paramount to him. Insiders reveals to NE that he agreed to sign back with KTN with the conditions that his pieces remain uncensored a deal that now the boss is finding hsrd to swallow.

Credible rumors from the media corridors indicates that the meeting held at the house in the hill proposed sassy deals to the SMG boss including reinstatemnt or compensation to his wife Gladys Shollei who coincidntally was compensated by the hugh cought few weeks back its also said he was giiven promidred millions interms of ads revenue a deal that was too sweet to drop.

According to the sources stuck deep in the media house along Mombasa Road,things are not rossy as the Jicho Pevu has threatened to pull out from the station should their work be sabotaged in any way standing firm that nothing shall be consored to suit any prty all this puts the managemnet in a hard place given that Jicho Pevu is a huge asset to the media house.

If you have noticed the promos have gone on mute either as a sign to retract or a tactic to air it abruptly which is seemingly not happening anytime soon, However with online options available,only time will tell when will watch it if at all the journalists wants the world to as of now the ball is on the other court.

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