HOLD UP 2 Chainz Might As Well Be In TOWN Already Here’s The SECRET Kept Away From PUBLIC

Word on the internet streets have it that American rapper 2Chainz has in the last minute canceled the highly anticipated and publicized outsold concert in Nairobi scheduled for tomorrow Saturday November 1st.

The Word on cancellation came from Caroline Mutoko the official media partner of the concert

Now many people had been made to believe that the rapper was in town following an interview he did with Shaffie Weru this Morning on his show. It now turns out the interview was pre recorded and done via phone and not live in the studio.

Jameson the official sponsor has stayed mom on this new development even though sources privy says the rapper missed his flight last night but in another confusing move, a word has been sent to journalists to be at the airport by 8pm to receive the rapper.

This could mean the rapper is on his way coming or we are being treated to a situation handling gimmicks.

Time is of essence.

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EXPOSED: How WILLY PAUL Has Been On Rampage HACKING FACEBOOK Accounts To Grow The LIKES On His Page And How To PROTECT Yours

Past days i read bout bitter encounters from several friends on how their accounts were hacked.

I’m going to keep it layman’s language no techies jargon. Most hacking victims especially in Kenya are experiencing this viral problem emanates from one Willy Paul Msafi account.

Willy Paul is hacking into several personal accounts, converting them into pages then attaching them to his page hence the unusual growth in the total no of likes on his page. His account grew up from 20k to now 140k+ under 2 weeks n that’s unrealistic.

How Does It Happen

Simple, this whole thing done through a trick called phising,the criminal in this case Willy Paul sends an inbox message to the target with a link asking the target to click on the link for whatever purpose. Once you click on that link you are on your way to losing your account, on clicking a new page opens up then requires you to log in again to Facebook now when you attempt to log in what you don’t know is you’re giving the hacker your password and details, that landing page is not FACEBOOK but the hacker’s.

Now many who have had their accounts will agree that everything goes horribly wrong after you click on the link sent.

After you attempt the second log in,the hacker gets all your details and takes control of your Facebook account.

Since we are on Willy Paul’s case I’ll explain what he does, the guy on successfully phising and taken control of your Facebook account with thousands of friends, he changes the name of your profile to Willy Paul Msafi then he converts the profile into a page now not in your name but Willy Paul Msafi, all your friends now turned into likes.

Having converted that Facebook profile into a page in his name he then links it to his official Willy Paul Msafi page and merge them. When he merges the page the likes from the hacked account adds to his likes in the official page. Now say your account had 5000+ friends when hacked, he converts to his page and merges them up to his official page, thats 5000+ likes just from one victim and he’s been doing this to several accounts that Nairobi Exposed holds proof. This explains why and how Paul’s account has miraculously rose in likes in weeks.

Why would Willy Paul then go to these desperate heights in hacking people’s accounts to have number of likes on his page grow? Well the belief of the bigger the page the mightier the artist is could be catching up. The chap has been dwindling career wise in past few weeks hence seeking relevancy all costs while new cats like Bahati takes over the game.

How To Protect Your Account From Hackers

Never click on any link sent to you especially on inbox, that’s a phising bait.

Before re entering your password on Facebook when required check out the browser search bar and ensure your on https:// take not of the S after p that means your on secure zone or else you’ll be giving your log in details to hackers.

Secure your account, connect your Facebook to a phone number this increases the security levels.

Enable texts log in verification, this is the ultimate account security. When you enable this any log in attempt is sent to your phone number provided a security code sent which is then used to access account now if a hacker tries to Jack your account he won’t succeed since he wouldn’t have access to the security code which is only sent to your phone and the gateway.

As for Willy Paul its really a shame for a Gospel artist to do this in order to outshine competitors, let your talent be the determinant not faked Facebook likes the pain and mystery you’ve caused to the affected is immeasurable.

from Nairobi Exposed http://bit.ly/106WyI4

Senators over-heard gossiping about WETANGULA and PROSTITUTES, RAILA in the mix

Some Jubilee Senators who were formerly in ODM were recently over-heard gossiping about embattled Bungoma Senator, Moses Wetangula in a Nairobi Club. The vocal Senators, who are very close to the President, were over-heard saying how Wetangula has been behaving like a small baby ever since he joined former Prime Minister,Raila Odinga.

They claimed that the recent incident where Wetangula was involved in a tussle with Kenyan Airways as an example of the childish behaviours he has been exhibiting after joining the opposition.

“Ever since Weta joined Raila, he has even neglected his family for city prostitutes. Most high-end prostitutes in the City now know him. Did you see how he behaved like a toddler at the Airport?” One of the Senators who was laughing loudly while sipping an expensive drink was over-heard saying.

Another Senator was heard saying that Raila is out to mislead Wetangula and finish him politically.

The other was over-heard pouring praises on Ababu Namwamba for repelling against Raila Odinga since he is known to use other leaders like tissue papers.

The vocal Senators left the club at around mid-night after some rounds of drinks and gossip.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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See what KABOGO’s wife body-guards did to a poor woman, SHAME.

Last weekend, body-guards of Kiambu Governor, William Kabogo’s wife harassed an innocent lady during an event in Nairobi and left her with minor injuries.

Sources intimate that the middle aged lady, who hails from Machakos County, had approached Kabogo’s wife to tell her how smartly she was dressed.

But before she did that, two of Kabogo’s wife’s body – guards pounced on her and wrestled her to the ground. They rained kicks and blows on her saying that she was on an evil mission.

One of the body-guards even drew a gun and threatened to shoot the lady to the shock of the people who had attended the event.

It took the intervention of Mwaniki Mageria, a leading movie producer and distributor to calm the furious body-guards. The poor lady walked out of the event crying and couldn’t understand how the shameless body-guards harassed her, yet she wanted to complement Kabogo’s wife for her cool dressing.


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The Government used Ksh 500,000 to hire this on Mashujaa Day, UHURU Please.

You have probably seen those huge speakers mounted during national  public functions but what many don’t know is that they are hired.

Apparently, since independence, the  Government has never bought a public address system thanks to corruption among the officials who plan public events.

Case in example is the recent Mashujaa Day where the Government spent  a whooping Ksh 500,000 to hire a public adress system. Sources indicates that money meant to plan events always goes into the pockets of individuals in  the budget committe.  Their  sole mission is to enrich themselves at the expense of tax-payers.

One just wonders why the Government can’t just  buy its own speakers instead of spending a whooping Ksh 500,000 every national event to hire a public address system.


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Is YOWERI MUSEVENI going Mad? Look at what he is doing.

It’s a common practise for Presidents all over the world to have personal assistants who keep their diary by booking them for interviews, events, foreign trips and daily office jobs.

But Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni, has decided to do things his own way by firing his personal assistants. He now keeps his own diary and runs daily activities in his office all by himself. However, he is not doing a good job considering that he has been going to events late and also skips most of them due to poor memory.

Last week, he skipped a crucial meeting and later sent an apology message claiming that he had forgotten. 

In other news, there is rumour that Museveni’s family is fighting over power struggles.

His wife Janet is interested in succeeding him and so is their son named, Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba. Perhaps this is what is stressing Museveni and making him behave like a confused man.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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