SHOCKING! Woman STR!PP3D N()K3D & nearly r@p3d in a Githurai 45 bus (VIDEO later)

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 – Despite the latest warning by law enforcers that stern action will be taken against those who str!p women n()k3d in the city for indecent dressing, the shocking trend is still taking place.

Yesterday, a young woman was str!pp3d n()k3d  in a matatu plying the Githurai Route by men who claimed that she was indecently dressed.

Some shameless men took the opportunity to harass her s3xually as she cried for help.
But more shocking is that some group of men tried to r()p3 her  while other male passengers cheered on.

We loaded the video on youtube but it was yanked off. We later tried Vimeo but something went wrong. We will alert you once it is online.



Ex-Classic FM’s presenter CIKU MUIRURI nearly STR!PPED N()K3D in broad-daylight.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 - Former Classic FM presenter, Ciku Muiruri, recently decided to recount how she was nearly str!pp3d n()k3d by some perverts when she was 20 years.
Here’s what she wrote on her column in one of the local dailies recounting her ordeal

I was almost str!pp3d n()k3d once by the ‘moral brigade’ that strangely enough seems to only be found at matatu stages. I was twenty years old and knew how to maneuver my way around the big, bad city. You can’t, for example, wear gold jewelry in certain parts of town. Or a wig – Someone will grab it and make off with it (they are strangely talented at differentiating between hair extensions and temporary perched manes, these street urchins). And don’t get me started on mini skirts!
Matatu stages have always been Red Zones where a moral brigade stands to attention, eyes darting furiously, awaiting a violator of their ‘decency’ rules – And not just in Nairobi. Everywhere. One day, I took a ma-three to Thika (having safely boarded along the route). I had a lot on my mind and totally forgot to alight early. I found myself in unchartered territory.
The minute we pulled into the stage, I knew I was in trouble. There were at least 30 matatus parked there and the place was swarming with drivers and makangas. Oh oh. My skirt was black and white, a little cute thing with a slit at the back. There was no way in hell this get up would go unnoticed. The distance from this particular Red Zone to a nearby hotel was around 200 meters. I figured that I could make it. No, I wasn’t going to pull a Usain Bolt and make a mad dash for it – That’s the equivalent of trying to outrun a cheetah. I was going to walk calmly and purposefully before the pack organized itself.
You have to understand mob psychology. Individuals are quite unwilling to go out on a limb. One guy will never come up to you and start stripping you because he considers your clothing indecent. The loss of responsibility of the individual only occurs with universality of behaviour – If many of them think it’s okay to harass a girl, then it must be okay. The bravado increases with the size of the crowd. As long as I could cover the 200 meters before a crowd gathered, then I would be safe.

The longest walk of my life begins. 10 meters. A few looks. 20 meters. A few murmurs. 50 meters. Someone, after consulting his buddy, pips up. I’m getting nervous. 100 meters. The guy who piped up is following me. His friend and two other guys join him. 120 meters. I’m getting really nervous. They are now six, then seven. Their voices grow louder as their numbers swell. They are getting emboldened. Lewd comments start. 70 meters to go, I will not make it. I say a silent prayer.

My heart is pounding. I’m terrified. I keep praying. God please help me! A car stops. It’s an elderly woman, grey hair peeking out from under her headscarf. “Get in,” she says in vernacular, a sense of urgency about her.

I want to hug her. I jump in, my legs shaking. The mob disperses, disappointment in the air. The spell is broken and they are again individuals, senses restored. One of them hands me a bag through the car window that I hadn’t even realized I had dropped. The irony. A minute ago he was ready to publicly humiliate me.

Charles Mackay, a poet, summed it up best when he wrote. “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.”

An angel saved me that day, a woman not of my generation. She probably thought my skirt was risqué. But she helped me anyway because right thinking people do not support violence against women. Do you? 

Ciku’s beefs by Ciku Muiruri, Zuqka, Daily Nation, Nov 21st, 2014.


The day VICTOR WANYAMA spent Ksh 22 MILLION in 6 Hours. See this.

Monday, 24 November 2014 - About a month ago, Harambee Stars player, Victor Wanyama, jetted into the country to honour a call up to the national team for an international friendly against Morocco.

But before joining his team-mates at the training camp based at Safaricom Stadium Kasarani, he took a day off to shop around the city and meet his close family members and friends.

The skilled footballer embarked in an expensive shopping spree that saw him visit a car bazaar along Ngong Road where he purchased two Lexus SUV’s for his brothers.

The two guzzlers are estimated at Ksh 6 Million and were meant to celebrate his first ever goal with the Saints in the English Premier League.

Wanyama’s next stop was at a city bank where he made a down-payment for a house he is purchasing in Kileleshwa. The house is worth Ksh 30 Million and he is expected to complete the payment by the end of 2015.

He spent Ksh 22 Million in the 6 hours he was criss-crossing the city.

After the expensive shopping spree, he headed home ready for the match the following day.



WILLY PAUL becoming another KANYARI, See what he did to a lady in the pulpit (PHOTO)

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 – No one doubts that women love Willy Paul and they form a great percentage of his fans.

But the celebrated gospel singer was recently criticised by his fans after he posted a photo touching a woman in the church pulpit  with some saying he is becoming another Kanyari.

Here are some of the comments from his fans and the photo that caused all the social media buzz.



UHURU was not sleeping, See what he was doing in UAE, Terrorism will end.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 - A few days ago, President Uhuru Kenyatta jetted to UAE for some official business and while some Kenyans think that he went there to take selfies and have fun, he was working hard to improve the country.
Uhuru attended a series of bilateral meetings and managed to meet His Royal Highness King Abdullah II of Jordan, with whom he discussed threats posed by terrorism in Kenya and Middle-East.
Jordan is a leading player in efforts to secure peace in the Middle East and he asked King Abdullah II to share his expertise in tackling emerging terrorism threats.
The President also held talks with  His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.
He disclosed to  him the latest techniques in surveillance and other technologies UAE uses in ensuring security for what has become an important regional business hub.
Here’s what Uhuru posted had to say on his successful trip

I held bilateral talks with leaders from Jordan and the United Arab Emirates on issues of security, combating terrorism and stemming radicalisation. 

I first met His Royal Highness King Abdullah II of Jordan, with whom I discussed threats posed by terrorism to Kenya and the Middle East. Jordan is a leading player in efforts to secure peace in the Middle East and I asked that Jordan shares its experiences and expertise in tackling emerging terrorism threats. 

I also held talks with His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. We discussed the latest techniques in surveillance and other technologies UAE uses in ensuring security for what has become an important regional business hub. 

I then met the Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of UAE, His Highness Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed and later held talks with the UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Abdalla Bin Zayed.

Here are photos from those talks