LADIES, here are 6 steps to prevent sexual assault (A must read)

Here’s what you can do to reduce your risk of sexual assault.

1. Always be aware 

Keep a close eye on your surroundings at all times, and avoid any situations in which you are isolated. Elevators, stairwells and dark alleys are dangerous places for women who are by themselves. If you must walk by yourself, pay attention to your gut and remove yourself from situations and locations that make you feel uncomfortable. Also, try to avoid distractions like headphones or talking on the phone, especially when you’re by yourself.

2. Avoid being a target 

Distracted women, or women who can’t easily fight back make easy targets for assailants. Try not to carry too many bags or boxes at any time, as this can make you a target. Ponytails can also serve as an easy way to grab you, so avoid the hairstyle when you’re by yourself.

3. Employ a buddy system 

Unfortunately, women don’t have the luxury of just going out by themselves, especially when it comes to nightclubs, bars and restaurants. Always have a buddy with you so you can watch out for each other in a social setting.

4. Keep an eye on your drink 

It only takes a second for an assailant to slip a drug into your drink. Never leave your drink unattended, and always keep it in your line of view when you set it down. If you do leave your drink to go to the bathroom or to hit the dance floor, get rid of it. Furthermore, never accept a drink from a stranger (unless he orders it for you and you watch the bartender pour it).

5. Go ahead and hurt feelings 

Women sometimes find themselves in isolated and dangerous situations because they’re afraid of hurting feelings. But if a man is making you feel uncomfortable, he needs to have his feelings hurt. Don’t be tender-hearted toward a man who makes you uneasy, because he’s not being tender-hearted to you. If you don’t want to go home with him, don’t want to dance with him or don’t want to accept a drink from him, then tell him firmly. No means no, regardless of whether the situation is “innocent” or violent.

6. Use an escape plan 

Plan for the worst case scenario. Keep your cell phone charged at all times, and carry the number for a cab along with cash for the fare. Not only that, make sure that you and your buddy have agreed on the time you plan to leave, and stick to it.

Source: She Knows


MUTAHI NGUNYI rubbishes KTN’s MOHAMMED ALI and NAMU’s Jicho Pevu expose – It is hokum and bunkum!

Wednesday April 23, 2014 – Renowned political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, on Tuesday rubbished KTN’s expose on what exactly happened during the March 4th election, terming it as mere nonsense and exaggeration.

 On his twitter account on Tuesday, the respected, analyst who twigged the famous “Tyranny of Numbers” hypothesis, said the expose is rubbish because Kenyans don’t see things as they are but we see things as we are.

Mutahi said while CORD coalition supporters were celebrating the Jicho Pevu expose, Jubilee Alliance supporters were mourning and crying because of the shocking expose.

The KTN expose was prepared by investigative journalists, John Allan Namu and Mohamed Ali and the documentary revealed the intrigues and conspiracies that rocked the last year’s General election.

Here is one of his tweets

Mutahi Ngunyi #To my friend John-Allan Namu and his Election Expose: “…We do not see things as THEY are; We see them as WE are…’(A Tale of Two Cities)



Ipsos Synovate boss TOM WOLF reveals KIKUYUs voted for UHURU KENYATTA to protect him from ICC nothing else

Wednesday April 23, 2014 - The Ipsos Synovate Lead Researcher, Tom Wolf, has claimed that most Kikuyus in Central Kenya didn’t have any reason whatsoever to vote for President Uhuru Kenyatta other than to protect him from the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Speaking during an interview after KTN’s investigative journalists, John Allan Namu and Mohammed Ali, exposed how Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto rigged their way to the presidency, Wolf noted that Uhuru Kenyatta didn’t mean much to Kikuyus before the ICC issue came in.

He said during the election in 2013, he moved across Central Kenya to get views from locals as to why they will vote for Uhuru Kenyatta and surprisingly majority of Kikuyus didn’t have any good reason at all other than to protect him from the ICC.

They said development wise, Uhuru Kenyatta didn’t have much to sell to Kikuyus, but because he is their son, they had to protect him from being jailed at The Hague by all means possible, including making him the most powerful man in the land; that way he will have control of the ICC, unlike when he is just an ordinary man with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga as President, because he would be jailed the next day.

The Kenyan DAILY POST 


Man ‘buries’ wife and two children alive in Kakamega… he wanted to remarry

Wednesday 23rd April 2014 – Ilesi residents in Kakamega County are trying to come to terms with a sad incident where a man performed a ‘symbolic’ burial of his wife and two children who had left so as to be able to marry another woman.

29 year old, Antony Lihanda, woke up and dug a 9 foot grave and dressed three banana tubers in white to symbolize his wife and children before burying them.

While speaking to the media, the unremorseful man said that the wife left him and went away with their two children after they started having marital problems and refused to come back and according to traditions, he cannot remarry until he buries them symbolically as a way of erasing their memories.

He questioned those who opposed his idea whether they can survive without wives.
Local administrators differed with him saying that he could not bury people who were alive because that is like wishing them death.

They then agreed to retrieve the tubers and return the soil before calling religious leaders to cleanse the area to prevent any misfortune from befalling the wife and the children.

The Kenyan DAILY POST 


Easter celebrations aftermath …. 234 admitted after eating poisonous meat

Wednesday 23rd April 2014 - 234 people are admitted in various hospitals in Nandi and Uasin Gishu Counties after feasting on infected meat in the name of celebrating Easter.

The people from Soi Mining village in Nandi North District feasted on meat of a cow suspected to have been suffering from East Coast Fever disease.

According to Nandi County Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Erick Terer, out of the 234 people taken to Chepterwai Sub-District Hospital for treatment, 29 of them were in critical condition after coming in with diarrhoea, acute stomach pains and vomiting and were transferred to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital for specialized treatment.

24 others are still admitted at the hospital while the rest were treated and discharged.
The cow died from the dangerous ECF but locals who had no way of celebrating Easter decided to feast on it unaware of the dangers they were exposing themselves to.

Dr. Terer appealed to residents of Nandi to be conscious about the food they consume and ensure that it is inspected and fit for human consumption.



Lahm rallies Bayern troops ahead of mouth watering Champions League clash with decimal – chasing Real Madrid.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - Bayern Munich’s inspirational captain, Philipp Lahm, has called upon his teammates to show ‘courage’ and passion’ if they hope to knock out Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final tie.

The Bavarians, who are bidding to become the first side to defend the coveted trophy, overcame Los Blancos at this stage of the competition in 2011.

Speaking to reporters ahead of tonight’s clash at the Estadio Santiago Bernabue, Lahm said:  

“These are two giants facing one another, of an international level and the winner could be the one who shows the most courage.

“Also, quality and play will factor, but most of all, courage. Games like these are decided by courage and passion.”

Real are sufficiently motivated as they seek to win the decima (tenth title) that has proved elusive for over a decade.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid boss, Carlo Ancelotti, has admitted that it could be considered as failure if he fails to guide the Los Blancos to the final slated for May 24 in Lisbon.

Ancelotti said: 

“Failure is such an ugly word. I can’t say that getting to the semi-finals is a success.

“The target in this competition is to get to the final. We’re not in the final yet. We have to fight for 180 minutes against a strong team.

“A semi-final isn’t a success, but I think that four consecutive semis is not bad.”

The Kenyan DAILY POST.