Keep That HIV To Yourself And Your Men HUDDAH Drops A Bombshell On VERA SIDIKA

Huddah is gloves off and this war is just getting started. She has accused Vera of being over jealous and obsessed with her. Showing no signs of chills,Huddah has revealed how Vee is trying to pimp her with other rich men but she’s taking none of that.

Huddah in the newly ignited Instagram war hints that Vee could be infected with HIV and on a spreading spree but she’s taking none of that

More coming guys brace up

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The HOE House On Fire As HUDDAH MONROE Exposes VERA SIDIKA Scathing Revealing Her PHONE NUMBER

Ladies and gentlemen grab your seats and popcorn as two of the most controversial socialites are at war and you know what that means? Duramaaaaaa.

Huddah and Vee have been known to be at loggerheads for years now despite going at each other once in a while,the two have been playing it safe but it seems like Huddah has had enough and gone full berserk.

Who loves scandals more than us here at the Nairobi Exposed desks? None.

So here’s the tea,Vera has supposedly been sending Huddah apology messages in a bid to rekindle their lost friendship apparently these were tight as butt cheeks until shit happened you know so they went separate ways.

While Vee is in the states for ‘work'(kills me all the time,butt bending over is a whole lots of work you know)

Huddah is over here spilling that hot tea. See how Vee has been begging for mercy

Vera is yet to reply but keep on your seats tight she’ll be soon hiting back and you’ll be the first to know. Keep it NE

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Meet The EMBU Lady Who Has Smitten LUO Man Into Spending Over Sh200M In DOWRY Wedding Alone

When love cuts,it goes so deep you won’t feel when it goes in but it will penetrate through your flesh. Love makes people stupid,it makes people happy,smitten and that’s exactly what Kendi has done to the man from the lakeside Jared Otieno.

You know they say Luo men are romantic and know how to spoil their ladies,well the candid beauty from Meru can attest to this.and who could blame him,Kendi is a striking beauty that would easily steal and keep any man’s heart

When he took dowry to her parents home in Embu,Otieno pulled up in the longest convoy made of SUVs,causing a massive traffic ever witnessed,when he was receiving her to his home in Ndhiwa village,she made sure her parents and Kendi herself touched down in convoy of choppers something that brought village to a standstill,this was before he handing her over keys to a 6 bedrooms mansion as a token and welcoming to her new home. Otieno held a pre wedding party that estimated to have cost way above Sh.15M needless to mention how much the wedding cost.

In a nutshell,Jared has spent way over Sh.200M on dowry and wedding alone leaving out other factors and he doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Talk of spoiling ladies,ain’t this the luckiest girl in these streets

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LUO Man Brings Down EMBU To A Standstill With A Never Witnessed Before Convoy Of SUVs As He Goes To Pay DOWRY To His Wife

Jared Otieno the man from Homabay is on the headlines once again,only weeks after bringing down Ndhiwa village to a standstill with a convoy of choppers to welcome his wife home,the love smitten wealthy fellow is back at it again and this time he took the wave to his wife’s home in Embu.

The convoy mainly out of the most expensive SUVs in the country stretched through the villages throwing everyone into amaze

Otieno was in Embu to pay dowry to his lovely wife Kendi. If the convoy is that expensive you can imagine dowry price he paid. Otieno,said to be amongst richest Luos is proud owner of a fully customized Porsche which is estimated to cost something about Sh.30M

When a Meru lady hits(with love) a Luo man,this what happens

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ROBERT MUGABE Fires His Chief Of Defence Force For Staring At His Wife’s BUTT While Bending Over

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks seems like Roberto is taking no chances on anything after closely watching certain developments. Social media rumours have it that,Zimbabwe long serving president has fired the head of army on sensing too much ease between him and his wife.

This supposedly rooted from the lusty ogling that he was giving the first lady while she was getting seated and later caught on camera being up close with her prompting Robert to jump into action

Mugabe’s age could be a factor to worry him but she could be knowing everything especially when it comes to rearing of the engine.

What do you think of Mugabe’s action,deserved?

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Nairobi Women Are EVIL After Treating Her To An Expensive Date What She Does Next BOGGLING

Nairobi Women are one unique,beautiful and dangerous breed of women. They earn 8K monthly but live in 29K houses with all luxury,genuine miracle workers don’t you agree. So this one had bagged some sponsor,with intentions of mincing his legal tender but not stroking his ‘tender’ mate at the end.

So while the chap was throwing drinks at the new catch,she was scheming with her friends to have them come rob the sponsor off the money.

Don’t trust a big butt with a pretty smile

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VERA SIDIKA Takes Her Bootie To OBAMA In Whitehouse Calls Him Names

Vee and her curves are in the USA for we all know what. While in his ‘business’ trip the voluptuous socialite took it to the public podium at the iconic Whitehouse to take photos.

She even boasted having her hotel suite located right opposite Obama house. As if that’s not enough she gave POTUS that behind calling him bae well…

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