PHOTOS: Nairobi’s HOTTEST Female PASTOR Natasha ‘SEDUCES’ Mike Sonko In His Office And He Does UNEXPECTED

Reverend Lucy Natasha is not your usual pastor,apart from having the talent of spreading the word of God,the almighty also blessed her with immense beauty,which has led to many many choking on their saliva dying for her love. One of those men who’ve expressed their love for Natasha is Senator Sonko who had his dream come true when the sassy pastor paid him a visit in his office.

After long talks and prayers,Sonko confessed his sins and was saved! Man I mean would you turn down a chance to have Natasha hands on you even if it’s for prayers well that would do and that’s exactly what Sonko did.

Well senator from your eyes we can tell you’re ‘saved’

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PHOTOS Of The LADY Who Rode DJ CREME Like A Propeller And Made Him SCREAM Like A BABY

By now your snooping eyes must have gotten hold of the s3x tape of DJ Creme and the talented lady now revealed as Halima. The chic who shows her prowess in the five minutes video,leaving the DJ panting and screaming like a baby is right here.

She’s quite something don’t you agree,talking of screaming do you think DJ Creme wrapped it up or creamed it up(unprotected). Let us know

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You Will Be SHOCKED To See What Police Found Inside A COFFIN In BUNGOMA

Eight Ugandans were on Thursday afternoon charged with smuggling illicit brews from their country into Kenya using a coffin.

They denied that on October 24, using a lorry with Ugandan registration numbers, they smuggled the alcohol in, using a coffin they claimed was to ferry a body.

The prosecution said they packaged 1,100 sachets of Uganda Waragi, hundreds of sachets of Simba Waragi and Coffee Spirit hidden in the coffin.

Police became suspicious of the group that had just one woman, checked the coffin and found the illicit brew, which KRA officials found was contraband.

Courtesy the star

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Bro OCHOLA Pleads With Kenyan Ladies To STOP Blowing Up His Phone After MILLION Texts And CALLS

The past few days the internet has been on a frenzy with the leakage of a church whatsapp group conversation in which one of the members a Mr.Ocholla accidentally sent a wrong message meant for his wife as he’d later reveal in a radio interview with Kiss 100.

The conversation which portrays Ochola as a master in the bedroom has not only drawn conversation in the Kenyan social media sphere but has earned him a heap of new female admirers who’ve taken the opportunity to blow up his phone,texting and calling endlessly to capture his attention in a bed to have a trip to cloud nine that Bro Ochola seems to be a specialist in.
Ochola who’s a married man has come out after unending calls and texts from desperate women begging to have a session with him,gone overboard and is now appealing for them to give up since he’s committed to his wife and is a dedicated christian. When asked how many messages he was talking about,”since the information leaked to the social media,my phone is like a call center,every single minute it’s a call or texts average of 1000+ texts and countless phone calls from mysterious women asking me out some even offering me huge gifts in return for the now famous cloud nine,this is greatly causing chaos in my marriage and my wife is furious about it” he said to this writer.

Some of the texts from women mostly Nairobians begging him out. Ladies we know the weather is a bit hormones provoking,just put it on the low,invest in a jiko and let Bro Ochola be.

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Visiting Jamaican reggae artists group Morgan Heritage have found themselves on the receiving end following expose that they had fraudulently used a photo obtained from the Tanzania’s CCM political party to dupe their international fans that the mammoth crowd was of their concert in Kenya.

The photo which they posted on their Instagram account had all captions to suit it as theirs

However,the hawk eyes of the internet caught up with them as it would later turn out to be false,this attracted ridicules and facts shaming especially from the Tanzanians who felt robbed

In an expected move,the group later pulled down the photo after it became clear the motive had defaulted

[CCM presidential candidate Makuvuli addressing the crowd that Morgan Heritage had claimed to be of their concert]

Morgan Heritage have been in Kenya for the past one week and have confessed their love for Kenya going as far as declaring their interests for a citizenship here. Should they be granted that citizenship?

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University Female Model Shocks Crowd Walking On Stage BILA NG’OTHA

A 21 year-old Zimbabwean student is expected to appear in court on Monday, October 19 under charges of indecent exposure following a daring stunt she allegedly executed at a Harare college beauty pageant.

Panashe Zhaware reportedly flashed her private parts at adjudicators during a Miss Harare Polytechnic contest last week.

Zhawari was scheduled to appear in court last Friday, October 9, but her matter was referred back to the police station for amendment of charges under the Censorship and Entertainment Control Act Section 33 when she was initially taken to court for prosecution.

Prosecutor Patience Chimusaru told the court that Zhaware mounted the stage without her panties and deliberately spread her dress wide open in front of the contest’s adjudicators.

Following the incident, photos of the student in her open dress went viral and authorities were alerted.

She was released from custody at $100 bail.

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